Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Danciversary and New Dresses

Happy One Year Danciversary!  So, she celebrated one year of dancing with Fred Astaire on June 10th with a dance class, a balloon, and brownies that I took the Happy Father's Day tag off of and gave to her.

We also decided that since she's going to be a serious competitor and dancer, her dresses need to completely reflect that.

Which meant she needed a new costume.

We found a Latin dress for sale from a dancer who competed at Blackpool, and it shipped to us from Poland.  We had to modify the bra cups, since they were originally intended for someone with a smaller chest.

Obviously, that isn't Shara in the dress.

This is before we fixed the strap and the cups, so she wouldn't let me take a picture of the front. 

Since she's doing an Argentine tango for her Showcase dance in January, we wanted a dress tailored for it.

Which meant she needed a new costume, of course.

A friend we met during the production of Sound of Music I participated in happens to be a seamstress, and I found pattern pieces that we (well, I just told her what we wanted from each of the pattern parts, so really, it was all her) put together into an actual dress.  We went for a fitting on Sunday, and while it needs a couple of tweaks, it's looking pretty fantastic.  It's navy lycra with a fitted bodysuit under, a halter neck with criss cross straps, and a skirt with a point over her right thigh.

While we were killing a little time waiting to meet with the seamstress, we swung by the dance store to browse through dresses and see what they had.  We were particularly interested in a green dress she had tried on a while back, since it might match the new Latin dress.  Her Lita also mentioned being interested in taking her shopping for a new smooth dress for her birthday, so we were looking to see what the possibilities were.  Which meant we....just kidding.  I certainly wasn't expecting to buy anything.  She did find one she really liked, and she tried it on.  It was a really good fit, and I figured we'd keep it in mind, but while we were at the seamstress' house doing the fitting, her Lita messaged and said she'd pay for it if we wanted to go back.  Since we had to pass the store again to get home, and it was a fast fitting, we decided to stop back by.  While we were there, we found a pair of earrings that looked like they had been made for that dress.  They are a little heavy, but I found some stabilizing thingie for the back of her ear that is supposed to take the pressure off of the ear lobe, so I ordered them (I love you, Amazon) and they came in today.  They were only $1.99, so even if they don't work, it's not a huge loss.

Anyhow.  I'm sure we'll add more crystals.  I can't imagine NOT adding more crystals to something, actually.  We're not sure what we're doing with it, but we have time, since she's not planning to compete in it for a while.  Her next event will be a level passing on the 21st of this month (July) and Mini Match in August, though we're not sure yet what she needs to wear for Mini Match.

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