Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dancing With the Stars on Tour

So, one of Tiny Dancer's birthday presents this year was a pair of tickets to see Dancing With the Stars during their tour.  I didn't realize how far Corpus Christi was when I bought them, because despite living in Texas all of my life, I had never actually been before.  I didn't know how late the show would run, but I knew that starting at 8 at night, it would be unlikely that I would be comfortable driving back immediately afterwards, so I went ahead and booked a room for Sunday night, and we drove up Sunday morning. 

We took the day to do a little sightseeing, touristy shopping, and visited "The Blue Ghost" along with the Aquarium.  Shara got to pet the sting rays during feeding time.

We checked into the room, then took the hotel shuttle over to the auditorium, along with some others staying at the hotel who were attending.

We picked up a souvenir program, and headed to our (excellent) seats.

 We were in row E, on the stage right side of the theater. 

 The show was fantastic.  All of the pros did such a great job, though it seemed like Kyo was having some problems with his shoulder, which was taped up with athlete tape.   They did group numbers, trios, duos, and Shara got a lot out of watching.  When we go to competitions or participate in studio events, unless we are able to stay for all of the pro dancing, which we just aren't always able to do, then she only sees the pros dancing with amateurs.  While she can still learn from this, actually being up close with high level professionals who were only dancing with each other was a fantastic learning opportunity for her. 

Emma Slater took a selfie with the crowd.  I can't really see us, but we were way over on the right side of the photo, about a quarter of the way up.

Afterwards, some of the cast stuck around and took pictures with audience members.  Shara dashed up to the front with 1% phone battery left, and got a picture with Val, the winner from last season.  She was so excited, I think her pupils actually reformed in the shape of stars, and stayed that way through the next morning.

I really hope she can take some of the lessons from this chance to really see pros dancing full out and apply them to her own dancing. 

As for upcoming events, we were supposed to do Level Passing last night, but it got rescheduled for next month.  We do still have A-Day coming up this Sunday, which is when we confirm her January performance.  We also have a planning meeting on Friday to attempt some more long-term planning, so I can be as efficient as possible with my budget.  Woo!

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