Monday, February 22, 2016

Catching Up - Freddie Ball & A Day

So, this past weekend was the big awards ball and ceremony for our region.  Nominations are a huge honor.  Last year, Tiny didn't get a nomination, because she only competed once, and hadn't been at the studio very long.  This year she scored two nominations, one for Top Youth, and one for Top Competitor.  Even though she didn't win, she was very pleased to have been nominated. 

The real reason we attended, though, was because we knew two of her instructors had been nominated for Top Teacher awards, though it turned out that all three of them were! 

The dinner was delicious, both Matt and Daniel won awards, and the photographer who has been doing all of the dancesport events for our region was there, and he took an amazing picture of Shara with Matt.  The dance floor was packed all night long, and getting to watch Mark & Olga Elsbury was fantastic.  We were, however grateful to be heading home after a while, since we didn't get home until just after midnight. 

The next morning was A Day, and while Tiny isn't signed up to do a big number for Rhythm of the Night, we still enjoyed the classes all day.  We ran into the photographer (Stephen Marino, who is fantastic!) during the day, and he did an impromptu photo shoot with Shara & Richard, since we have tons of pictures with her & Daniel, and tons with her & Matt.  I wasn't expecting a full pictorial, but hey, no complaints here! 

Girl sees dance instructor...

 Her next event will be Starlight - I believe she is doing a swing with Daniel to "Confident", and she is in fifth gear working on her open rhythm routines for the Lone Star competition in August of this year.  Today she has a special coaching session with Mark Elsbury, and she is pretty excited about it. 

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