Sunday, January 10, 2016

January Show!

Yesterday was the big show!  Things have been crazy, and I haven't been keeping the updates as current as I would like, for two reasons really.  The first is that we have been SO busy, and the second is that other than rehearsing for last night, and our bi-yearly "team meeting" to plan for the next year and a half, Tiny hasn't really been up to much.

Yesterday was a long, long, long day for her.  She got there at 10:45 for hair and makeup, and was really excited that they didn't have to make hair helmet for her this time, since it was an exhibition rather than a competition. 

That's her bored face.

The dress rehearsal ran until about 4:30, and the show started at 6:30.  It didn't end until a little after 11:30, and we just couldn't scrape up enough energy to make the after party, so we packed up the magical trunk of mystery (she got a rolling makeup case for Christmas) and snuck out.

 By the way, a HUGE shot out to Heather, the Singing Seamstress, for not only her original work on the dress, the gorgeous additions to the dress, and all of the alterations to various costumes, but for the perfect last minute vest she put together for Tiny's partner, which really made them look extra professional on stage. 

 She looked like a doll that came to life!  I didn't see many people with that level of matching costuming, and it really added a nice touch.  He said it will definitely be nice to have, in case they need to match again in the future.  (He even let me put some crystals on the lapels!)

The choreography was scary, and she may take a few days to heal the last of her bruises, but she did a fantastic job!  We get a DVD once the company is finished processing them, and I'll post her performance on the private youtube channel as usual.

She got roses.

I know she's really excited to get back to focusing on her competitive Bronze steps tomorrow.  There has been a new development at the studio with instructors, and so she will now get to rotate among three partners:  Richard, her first instructor, Matt (the one from the above pictures, and two of her competitions), and Daniel (from the other competition back in May).  Her next scheduled event is a Mini Match at the end of this month.  After that, she has a Level Passing in February, Regional Team Match in April, probably a studio Starlight in June, Texarama Regional Competition in August, and the big star on the tree:  Nationals in April of 2017.  

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